Allergen Baker We are a niche bakery specialising in providing safe food for people with food allergies. We know everything about food allergies and the production of our products but needed help with the next step to ensure we complied with all the necessary legal requirements After much research, questioning and stonewalling by many of the so called experts, who we found not really willing to help smaller companies, we managed to find Elevating Food Safety, We found this company and their staff listened to our unique requirements and helped implement our Food Safety Programme. We have now contracted Elevating Food Safety to help us set up and maintain our Food Safety Programme. We find them a willing partner in our business and would recommend them to any company that needs their hands held every step of the way from concept to final inspection.




Elevating Food Safety’s can-do and business-like approach, linked to professional staff with extensive experience in the industry gives them the edge and a really useful understanding of what is required in the world of business relating to consultation, guidance and working through the writing of our manuals regarding ISO22000. Their ‘no nonsense’ attitude got things done and we like that! They were instrumental in facilitating with the laying of our foundation to become ISO22000 certified. And were the vital link that brought our business one step closer to our certificate after a successful 1st stage audit, this having been a daunting task as time was of the essence. We developed a very good and constructive working relationship. They were the catalyst that got us all going, working and contributing together to the great benefit of Akila Foods.

It was a great pleasure to have partnered with Elevating Food Safety and will definitely in future use them for any consultation/assistance/training required.

Glenda Abrahams For and on behalf of Akila Foods cc

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